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As if that Strawberry Frozen Yogurt wasn’t enough to convince you to join me in my newfound love for making homemade frozen treats, here’s a Blackberry Sorbet to tempt you with.

Note about Blackberries:  They have huge seeds.  You’re not gonna want that in your sorbet.  So whip out your strainer and get to work.  It’s really quite amazing how good the finished product tastes.  Really.

P.S.  All my bags are packed and ready to go.  The next post on this blog will be made from my new home in Chicago.  See you there!

p.p.s Every single time I typed the word Blackberry in this post, my mind did a double take and I thought I was talking about my Blackberry phone.  Crackberry indeed… One day I will get an iPhone and Blackberries can return again to being just a fruit.



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