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Darn you Katy Perry and your infectious songs that play and replay uncontrollably in my head.  It’s like a virus that has slowly crept into every facet of my life.  At night when all is quiet and I begin to drift away, all of a sudden, in my head I hear, “nothing comes close to the golden coast”. This morning in the middle of my CPA exam, a mash-up of KP’s greatest hits played in the background of my mind, swirling in amongst all the accounting jargon.   Every time I hear someone coming in from outside comment on how it’s so hot, I feel the urge to finish their sentence with “we’ll melt your popsicles, oh oohooh oh.”

Oh KP, I hate that I can’t get your summer anthem out of my head, but I love it at the same time.  I don’t live in California, but if the official State uniform for Summer is Daisy Dukes with Bikinis on top, I might want to move there.  For if I tried to pull off such daily attire in the Midwest, the old ladies at Wal-Mart would certainly glare at me in their Old Navy American Flag tees.  Perhaps when I’m in California, KP would also allow me to borrow her cupcake bikini and purple hair wig.  I was just saying the other day how I needed more edible heat-wave appropriate clothes.  Oh man…all this excitement has gotten me worked up.  How about you?  Let’s all cool down with a nice summer drink so our throats will be prepared for another loud chorus of California Gurls.  I mean…we have to be prepared; it only plays like, 50,000x a day on the radio:



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