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I have always always wanted to try making homemade ice cream.  Often I catch myself fawning over the latest newfangled ice cream machines but can never justify the hefty price tag.  Two hundred dollars for a machine? No thanks, I think I’ll just go to Jarlings instead…50 times.

But then one day, it just occurred to me…people have been eating ice cream…forever.  Like, before machines were invented.  So I’ll just make it without a machine.  Why why did I not think of this earlier.  So much time and so many opportunities have slipped through the cracks when I could have been enjoying my own homemade frozen treats.  Jean…get your act together.  wha wha…

p.s. Remember when I made Pink Lady Cupcakes and gushed over how the cake batter tasted exactly like strawberry ice cream and I couldn’t stop myself from eating it all?  Well people, this is the real deal…(and minus the looming threat of salmonella so really, double win.)



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