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Everyone knows that Panda Express isn’t real Chinese food, right?  Aside from the fact that it doesn’t taste good, Orange Chicken and Beef & Broccoli do not resemble any form of real Chinese food in the slightest.  It’s totally American.

This stir fry, well, it’s not really authentic Chinese food either.  I’m sure my mom would never make anything like this.  But it doesn’t sink to the same level of General Tso’s Chicken either.  And it’s pretty tasty so really, who cares about authenticity anyway.

Side note:  I marinated the beef in an Asian Spicy Bean Sauce (Dou Ban Jiang).  The translated name sounds gross, but it’s a great chili sauce.  If you like spicy asian food, I would highly recommend getting some.  My mom uses it all the time when she cooks.



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